How To Calculate Icse Percentage

To calculate ICSE percentage, add up all the marks obtained in all subjects, divide by the maximum marks, multiply by 0.5, add English marks, and check minimum passing percentage and grading system.

How To Calculate Icse Percentage

Calculating ICSE percentage may seem daunting but if you know the right method to calculate it then it is easier than you thought. ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education) is a board exam taken by students studying in Indian schools. It is the nationally recognized board for secondary education in India. ICSE exams are conducted annually, and students are awarded marks in all of the subjects. Here is how you can calculate your ICSE percentage.

1. Collect Your Marksheets

The first thing you need to do is collect your mark sheets for all the subjects that you have taken in the ICSE exam. You will need these details to calculate your total marks in each subject, as well as your aggregate score.

2. Create a Chart

Once you have all the required documents, you should create a chart with your subject names and their corresponding marks assigned in the ICSE exam. It would help if you put all your subjects in the vertical column and their marks in the horizontal column for easy calculation.

3. Calculate Subject-Wise Score

After you have created your chart, you need to calculate your subject-wise score by adding up all the marks you have received in each subject. This gives you your subject-wise score, which is the total marks you have obtained in a particular subject.

4. Calculate Aggregate Score

The Aggregate Score is calculated as the total marks obtained in all subjects divided by the maximum marks. To calculate your aggregate score, you need to add up all the marks you have obtained in all subjects and then divide it by the maximum possible marks. This gives you your aggregate score.

5. Multiply By 0.5

Once you have calculated your aggregate score, you need to multiply it by 0.5. This is done to convert your aggregate score into your percentage. For example, if your aggregate score is 550, then your percentage will be 55%. ICSE considers students' scores up to two decimal places, so you can calculate your percentage up to two decimal places too.

5. Add English Marks

ICSE considers English marks as mandatory when calculating the percentage. Therefore, you need to add your English marks to your overall score before calculating your percentage. For example, if you have scored 80 in English subject and overall marks are 550, then your percentage would be 56%.

6. Check Minimum Passing Percentage

The ICSE board has set a minimum passing percentage for students. The minimum percentage varies from subject to subject. You should check the minimum passing percentage required for each subject and ensure that you have reached or exceeded this score in each subject.

7. Check Grade

The ICSE board uses a grading system to evaluate students' performance. You can check the grading system on the ICSE board's official website. The grading system is based on a student's percentage in the exam. Your grade will be based on your percentage and will dictate your academic performance.

ICSE percentage calculation may seem complicated, but it is a simple process. You need to collect all your mark sheets, create a chart, calculate your marks subject-wise and aggregate, multiply by 0.5, add English marks, check minimum passing percentage and grading system. All these steps help you determine your percentage and get an idea of your overall performance in the exam.