How To Unfuse Tears Of The Kingdom

To unfuse Tears of the Kingdom, use techniques such as creating a bridge, dividing and conquering, using skills or power-ups, or building up combos.

How To Unfuse Tears Of The Kingdom

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How to Unfuse Tears of the Kingdom: A Comprehensive Guide

Have you ever played the popular puzzle game "Tears of the Kingdom" and got stuck at a fused tile? Fused tiles are the sources of much frustration and challenge in the game, as they combine two or more different colors that cannot be separated by normal matching rules. To progress in the game, you need to unfuse these tiles by applying specific techniques and strategies. In this article, we will explain how to unfuse tears of the kingdom in detail, step by step.

Before we delve into the unfusing process, let's review some basic concepts and rules of Tears of the Kingdom. The game consists of a board filled with colorful tiles, each of which represents an elemental power that you can wield to defeat monsters and restore the balance of the world. To use a tile's power, you need to match it with at least two other tiles of the same color, creating a combo that charges a corresponding skill. Once you have enough skill points, you can unleash a devastating attack that clears multiple tiles and damages the enemies.

However, some tiles are fused, meaning that they contain two or more different colors that cannot be destroyed by normal matching. For example, a fused tile with red and blue colors can only be destroyed by using a specialized skill that targets both colors simultaneously. Until you unfuse such tiles, they will block your path and prevent you from advancing to the next levels. Therefore, it's essential to master the art of unfusing tears of the kingdom.

STEP 1: Identify the Fused Tiles

The first step in unfusing tears of the kingdom is to identify the fused tiles on the board. Fused tiles are easy to spot, as they have a distinctive pattern that sets them apart from the regular tiles. Usually, fused tiles have a hexagonal shape with a dividing line in the middle, indicating the two colors they contain. To unfuse a fused tile, you need to match both colors with tiles of the same color, creating a combo that dissolves the fusion.

However, sometimes fused tiles can be hidden behind other tiles or in the midst of a chaotic board, making them harder to detect. To avoid missing a fused tile, you can use some helpful tools that the game provides. For example, you can tap on the magnifying glass icon on the top right corner of the screen to zoom in on the tiles and inspect them closely. You can also use the "hints" feature, which highlights some of the potential moves that can lead to a combo.

STEP 2: Plan the Unfusing Strategy

Once you have located the fused tiles, you need to plan your unfusing strategy. Unfusing a fused tile requires you to match both colors with tiles of the same color, which can be challenging if the colors are scattered around the board or blocked by other tiles. Therefore, you need to think ahead and consider the following factors:

- Which colors are fused? Knowing the fused colors helps you prioritize your matching goals and avoid wasting moves on irrelevant tiles.

- Where are the fused tiles located? Identifying the position of fused tiles allows you to focus on the nearby tiles that can create combos and access the fused tiles easier.

- What is the timing of the unfusing move? Timing is crucial in Tears of the Kingdom, as the combos can trigger chain reactions that clear multiple tiles and increase your score. Therefore, you want to create as many combos as possible, especially when unfusing a fused tile, to maximize your points and boost your skills.

- Do you have any special skills or power-ups? Using the right skills or power-ups can make the unfusing process much easier and efficient. Some skills can target multiple colors or explode a group of tiles, while some power-ups can shuffle the tiles or create new ones.

By considering these factors, you can devise a plan that suits your style and skills, and adapt it to different situations and levels. However, keep in mind that unfusing tears of the kingdom requires patience, concentration, and creativity, as each board presents a unique challenge that demands a different approach.

STEP 3: Execute the Unfusing Move

Once you have planned your strategy, it's time to execute the unfusing move. There are several ways to unfuse a fused tile, depending on the color distribution, tile placement, and matching sequence. Here are some common techniques:

- Create a bridge: This technique involves matching one color with another that connects the two halves of the fused tile. For example, if the fused tile contains red and blue colors at the top and bottom, you can create a bridge by matching blue tiles on the left and right sides and red tiles on the top and bottom. The bridge completes the connection between the two colors, and the fused tile dissolves.

- Divide and conquer: This technique involves separating the two colors and matching them with the same color tiles elsewhere. For example, if the fused tile contains green and purple colors diagonally, you can divide it into two triangles by matching green tiles above and purple tiles below, or vice versa. Then, you can match the separated colors with the corresponding color tiles on the board, unfusing the fused tile.

- Use a skill or power-up: This technique involves using a specific skill or power-up that targets the fused tile and its colors. For example, some skills can destroy a fused tile by launching a laser that hits both colors, or by creating a bomb that explodes a group of tiles, including the fused tile. Some power-ups can shuffle the tiles randomly, which may create new matching opportunities that can unfuse a fused tile.

- Build up combos: This technique involves creating combos that trigger chain reactions and clear multiple tiles, including the fused tile. Combos refer to the chain of matches that you create by linking the same color tiles. For example, if you match three green tiles, you create a combo that earns you some points and charges your skill. If you match the resulting green tiles again, you create another combo that earns you more points and charges your skill even faster. Combos can lead to explosive effects that can destroy fused tiles and refill your skill points.

By applying these techniques or combining them creatively, you can unfuse tears of the kingdom successfully and advance to the next levels. Remember to keep practicing and experimenting with different strategies to improve your skills and enjoy the game to its fullest. Until then, happy unfusing!