How To Use Zonai Wing

The Zonai Wing is an armband that allows Link to jump higher, glide for longer, and become immune to elemental attacks like fire, ice, and electricity in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

How To Use Zonai Wing

Zonai Wing is one of the most amazing and powerful items you can get your hands on in the popular Nintendo Switch game, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. This item comes in handy when advancing through the game and exploring different regions, providing the hero Link with the ability to glide towards new destinations with ease.

The Zonai Wing is a treasure that you can find after completing a quest in Breath of the Wild's DLC pack 2. This item is an armband that makes your hero jump higher and glide for a longer duration. It also provides immunity to all elemental attacks like fire, ice, and electricity. With the Zonai Wing, you can traverse the vast expanse of Hyrule, cross deep ravines, reach areas that would have been otherwise inaccessible, and glide through any elemental threats that come your way.

Here is how you can use this incredible item to journey through Hyrule:

1. Activate the Zonai Wing

Before you can use the Zonai Wing, you have to equip it onto your character's armband slot. You will find your hero's inventory by pressing the "+" button on your Nintendo Switch controller. Once you've opened up the inventory, navigate to the equipment tab and select the armwear slot. Here you can equip your Zonai Wing.

To activate the Zonai Wing's jump and glide abilities, jump off a high point and press the "X" button to open your Paraglider. While gliding, press the "ZL" button to initiate the jump, and you'll soar skyward with a little extra momentum. You can only do this while gliding and not while standing on the ground.

2. Glide with Ease

Once you've activated the Zonai Wing, you can glide over any distance with ease. While gliding, tilt the left joystick in the direction you wish to go. You can also use the right joystick to angle your pan and get a better view of the land below you. The Zonai Wing gives you a longer glide duration, allowing you to cross vast distances effortlessly.

3. Avoid Elemental Hazards

The Zonai Wing provides immunity against all elemental attacks like fire, ice, and electricity. This means that you can glide through these elements without taking any damage. For instance, if you encounter a zone that has electric currents running through it, you can glide through it without any harm. You can also glide over volcanic hotspots and supercold areas without taking damage.

4. Reach New Destinations

The Zonai Wing is an efficient tool for reaching high places that are out of reach. You can climb to high points, jump off, activate the Zonai Wing, and glide towards areas that would have been otherwise inaccessible. You can also use the Zonai Wing to reach Korok seeds scattered throughout the game. These seeds are often located on challenging terrains requiring cutthroat gliding skills to get to.

5. Use It as a Combat Tool

In addition to its useful functionality, the Zonai Wing is also an excellent combat tool. It provides immunity to elemental attacks, making it an essential tool to have when battling elemental-based enemies. For instance, when you encounter an icy opponent, activate the Zonai Wing, jump into the air, and glide over them, using your sword to attack them in the air from behind. You can use this technique for enemies that are hard to take down in perspective.

In conclusion, the Zonai Wing is an incredibly useful tool in the game, and its functionalities are perfect for traversing the vast world of Hyrule in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It provides the hero Link with an immense range of opportunities, from getting to new areas, avoiding danger, and using it as a combat tool. Use this guide to master the functionalities of the Zonai Wing and soar through the skies of Hyrule with ease. Happy gaming!