What Is The Difference Between Cma And Cmt Awards

The CMA Awards are more popular and prestigious, while the CMT Awards are more modern and geared towards a younger audience.

What Is The Difference Between Cma And Cmt Awards

The Country Music Association (CMA) Awards and the Country Music Television (CMT) Awards are two of the most important annual events in the country music world. For many music fans, the two can be confusing, and it can be tough to know the differences between them. This article sets up to break down the differences between the two award ceremonies.

CMA Awards:

The CMA Awards, which began in 1967, are one of the most prestigious events in country music. It is an annual ceremony hosted in Nashville, Tennessee, and is broadcasted live on ABC. The award ceremony is usually held in November and features a star-studded lineup of the biggest names in country music. The CMA Awards recognize outstanding achievement in the country music industry across several categories.

Nominees are selected based on an elaborate voting process that includes members of the Country Music Association, a trade association that represents country music professionals in the recording, radio, and video industries. A nomination in a CMA category is considered the highest honor for any country music artist. The awards given out by CMA are considered the most respected and sought-after in the country music industry.

The CMA Awards are also divided into various categories, including Entertainer of the Year, Male Vocalist of the Year, Female Vocalist of the Year, Vocal Group of the Year, and many more.

CMT Awards:

The CMT Awards, on the other hand, has no history dating back more than 20 years. In 2003, Country Music Television launched the CMT Music Awards to celebrate country music videos and artists in the genre. The show is hosted annually in June and features performances from the hottest contemporary country music acts. CMT Awards are seen as a more laid back and fun ceremony in comparison to the CMA Awards, which is more serious and prestigious.

Nominees for the CMT Awards are chosen based on several factors, including the number of views a music video has on CMT platforms, fan voting, and social media activity. This means the CMT Awards tend to showcase newer artists with a younger fan base. The award ceremony is broadcasted on CMT and other participating network channels.

The trophies given out during the CMT Awards are entirely different from those given out by the CMA Awards. CMT honorees receive the signature guitar-shaped trophy while CMA honorees receive a conventional, one-of-a-kind, custom-built-designed trophy.

Another big difference between the two ceremonies is the categories. CMT Awards categories include Video of the Year, Male and Female Video of the Year, CMT Performance of the Year, Breakthrough Video of the Year, Best Family Group, Best Collaboration, and Best Duo, among others. Unlike the CMA Awards, the CMT Awards also feature categories that acknowledge the contribution of actors in country music videos.

Overall, while the CMA Awards are more prestigious and recognize a broader range of categories, the CMT Awards are more relaxed and innovative. The CMT Awards aim to honor country music artists in a way that blends both modern technology and traditional country music, whereas the CMA Awards strictly honor and celebrate country music as an art form.

Which ceremony is more popular?

The CMA Awards are more popular among fans and are considered the most prestigious country music awards ceremony. This is because CMA awards have been around longer and have built an esteemed reputation over the years. They also have a broader range of categories and more established stars. However, the CMT Awards are gaining popularity every year, precisely because of the way the ceremony is produced.


In summary, the CMA Awards are more classic and conventional, with a more established voter base that has been there for years, and they tend to honor more veteran country artists. The CMT Awards, on the other hand, are geared towards a younger audience, featuring modern technology and social media, and are known for honoring newer country music stars. Both ceremonies honor country music, but the CMT Awards have the younger, trendier vibe, while the CMA Awards are the winners stamp of approval. Fans and music lovers should appreciate and respect both awards shows for their innovative ideas and contribution to the country music industry.